Malerei mit Kaffee, Pornchai Lerthammasiri


pornchai lerthammasiri

Hiermit möchte ich die Arbeit des Künstlers Pornchai Lerthammasiri vorstellen. Er malt mit Aquarellfarben und hat längst sich für Kaffee als Pigment entschieden. Am Anfang suchte er bloß darin eine Farbe, die Altes darstellt – mal mit Erfolg, mal ohne. Sechs Jahren hat er gebraucht, um zu lernen die richtige Mischung von Wasser und Kaffee zu finden.

Nun meint er es zu verstehen mit Kaffee zu arbeiten und hat auch keine Angst, dass durch die Zeit seine Gemälde an Qualität verlieren könnten –  gemessen an ein paar Bilder, die bereits über 6 Jahre alt sind. Er meint zudem, dass mit Kaffee er Manches erreicht, was nur mit Kaffee möglich ist.

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Auszüge aus einem Gespräch mit dem Künstler.

(Hier veröffentlicht mit schriftlicher Genehmigung vom Verfasser)

Q1: How did you get the idea of using coffee to paint?  – And how long have you been doing this?
I always have painted in watercolor and have painted professionally for over 15 years.  About 6 years ago I started experimenting with using coffee in my paintings.  Originally, I heard that in the old days the Chinese used tea to help create a brown background in their paintings.  I then tried to use both tea and coffee in my paintings.  My main purpose was to create an old-look in the paintings by using the brown color of tea and coffee.  Later on, I tried to paint the whole painting with tea, but did not get pictures that I felt satisfied with.  Tea can not be used to give you clear lines or create the depth-of-field in the painting.  I experimented with coffee and, after many tries, could create paintings that I felt satisfied with.

Q3: How hard is it to use coffee to paint compared to normal watercolor paint?
First of all, the texture of the coffee is a challenge.  It has more elastic properties than normal paint.  It is stickier when you apply it with the brush.  You have to use the right amount of water to dilute the coffee right on the paper for the lighter brown or whiter areas.  It was also harder to control the lines, color tones and the flow of liquid on the paper. 
Further more, coffee also when it dried displayed glittering flakes in itself and left  unwanted traces of this in the paintings.  I had to use special techniques to control these flakes on the paper.  Another big problems was that after the coffee paintings are completed the painting can mold easily.  Furthermore, the color on the paintings can peel off from the paper.  Through years of experimenting, I found ways to overcome these problems but it was not easy.

Q8: What is your future plan and what are your new challenges?
I plan to use different themes to my coffee paintings, for example: pictures of the old-time settings from the Oregon Trail in the Northwest of the US.  I feel that it will be very charming with the coffee effects.  …  I’m always amazed at how many types of coffee the companies offer and wonder whether those various coffees would give different effects on my paintings.

Q9: How long does it take for you to complete a medium size painting using coffee?
I have a special ability to paint very quickly which I have had since I was young.  Usually for a 30×30-size painting using coffee takes me only 15 minutes to paint.  This has helped me when I do demonstrations for guests of my exhibition as they could see the results in a very short time.

Q10: Are you thinking about trying other new mediums? And what are they?
I have no plans now as I still enjoy painting with coffee.  There is at present still a market for these paintings and the public still has a positive reaction toward this type of painting.  I therefore plan to continue to explore the medium as I feel I have not fully charted all of the potential.

 * * *

Pornchai Lerttamasiri, born in 1963, is a native of Ayutthaya.  He specializes in watercolor and other special mediums, such as coffee, in the painting.  Pornchai teaches watercolor and exhibites his work extensively.  His had 17 exhibitions in watercolr and, most notably, in September 1999 in which his coffee painting were displayed, the exhibitions in Portland, Oregon, USA at the Asian Art Gallery in 1999 and 2000.


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